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Message from Chairman


In OSCAR our corporate values lie in the continuous development of our people, in the value we bring to our customers and in the profit generated to our investors and shareholders. Our main operational region is the Middle East /Africa and as a diversified infrastructure solutions developer company, we are active in Energy, Healthcare, Water and Telecom. As one of most important driving forces in developing modern society, solid, efficient and state of the art infrastructure solutions are the backbone for building a harmonious society, create jobs and achieve social justice. A core part of our long term strategy is the desire to work with world class partners to build smart, innovative and reliable infrastructure solutions to our customers. We develop green & high efficiency energy and clean water solutions, affordable & accessible healthcare solutions and reliable Telecom integrated systems. In all what we do and where we operate, we strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of an ethical business, and ultimately achieving the shared vision of changing to better the life of people in our region.

Our Vision

Be the bridge between the governments of Africa and foreign technology & services provider partners to co-create, engineer and develop key national infrastructure projects with high local content and added value that will increase the capabilities, efficiency and FDIs in the region.

Our Strategy

We developed a North Africa to Africa strategy around youth, best in-class technology and environment to support the region social demands and imperatives for job creation, efficiency and social justice.

Our Mission

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